Yoga In Our City – Enroll In A Day – Aquiline Drones

As we hit the midpoint in the Connecticut-wide Yoga In Our City movement that’s continuing through mid-October we’re replaying a spring segment introducing listeners to free virtual yoga classes to stay in shape and achieve peace of mind from the comfort of your home, or the 2021 season of outdoor community yoga classes designed by Civic Mind, and sponsored by ConnectiCare.
Then we’ll let you in on how easy it is to get back to, or begin exploring possible future careers with our regional community colleges. We’ll talk about what’s in store if you’re heading into or returning to community college in a few weeks, and a convenient way to to take care of all the registration processes at the August 21 ‘Enroll In A Day’ event.
And we’ll close combining one of the state’s newest cutting industries, drone production and pilot training, and learn how Aquiline Drones is aiming to not only bring drone production back to the US, but how the company is helping municipal public safety agencies like fire departments obtain and utilize drone technology to keep residents and responders safe.

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